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WISP-Dist features

  • Completely open system based on Linux kernel 2.4

  • Entire distribution fits in 8 MB flash, of which 1.2MB are currently free for additional packages

  • Works on 16 MB RAM

  • Simple to use menu-based configuration system for basic functionality

  • Command-line access for advanced configuration

  • Remotely upgradable via automatic script

  • Modular: you can add/remove packages

  • Local access via console or serial port

  • Remote access via SSH

  • Statistics available via SNMP, including wireless statistics, such as signal levels

  • Layer 3 bridging support (based on proxy ARP) - unlike standard bridging, works well for connecting networks behind wireless nodes

  • OSPF, RIPv2 dynamic routing support integrated; networks built this way are much easier to debug and tune than bridging-based networks

  • NAT (with H.323, PPTP pass-through support)

  • Bandwidth shaping

  • PPP is supported (useful for automatic backup)

  • PPPoE client

  • VTUN software allows for encrypted PtP tunnels between locations and Layer 2 unification of networks.

  • VLAN trunking support: service several customers from one CPE connected to a switch

  • Access Point support for Prism2/2.5/3/Atheros

  • MAC filter (access list) support for AP

  • Advanced network diagnostics: NTOP, tcpdump, bmon etc

  • Can log all system events to remote system via SYSLOG protocol

  • checkping: system will reboot if some of the specified hosts are unreachable (useful when radios get stuck)

  • Easy to service: all files are stored on standard FAT partition

  • Created on 2004-03-20 20:47:44 by mhnoyes
  • Updated on 2004-03-20 20:51:47 by mhnoyes

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