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Building images

Build system and development repositry

WISP-Dist development tree is centered around a build system which allows an image to be built from scratch from source files. The tree is stored inside an tla (arch) repositry, tla being a very powerful revision control system (similar to CVS).

Checking out latest version of the tree:

  1. Install tla tla (RPMs can be found on rpmfind.net).
  2. tla register-archive hazard@francoudi.com--wisp-dist-2003 http://svc2.thunderworx.net/wisp-dist-2003
  3. tla get hazard@francoudi.com--wisp-dist-2003/wisp-dist--1.3 wdist
  4. As a result you will get latest version of the tree in "wdist/" subdirectory.

To update existing tree:

  1. cd wdist/
  2. tla update hazard@francoudi.com--wisp-dist-2003/wisp-dist--1.3

Building an image

  1. Go into "build/" subdirectory. Take a look at README file.
  2. Run "./build.sh -f". This will fetch necessary files, compile components, generate packages and finally build the image and place it into /usr/src/wisp-dist/wdist.img. That's it. :)
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  • Updated on 2004-12-08 19:48:52 by mhnoyes

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