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Fri Feb 22 13:23:56 PST 2002

New versions! root.gz (and root.lrp) were updated and problems with busybox date were fixed (by replacing it).

Mon Feb 11 15:51:46 PST 2002

Updated ndiary to use the editor to add new updates - sort of like CVS commits do.

Works pretty nice!

Mon Feb 11 15:48:30 PST 2002

Uploaded new version of Oxygen 1.9.1 with updates:

  • busybox date removed
  • asmutils date added
  • timezone.lrp added and updated
  • Disk format changed to 1.722k

This means the following:

  • Utilities that assume a 1.68k floppy will fail!
  • Any utilities that use date options other than -u will fail
  • Any programs that run during the initial load (before init) cannot use date! This is because date uses C library routines to get its data.

Fri Feb 8 19:45:04 PST 2002

New! Oxygen 1.8 has been upgraded - e3, tinylogin, syslinux all updated. Now available: Oxygen 1.8.1

Fri Feb 8 17:48:22 PST 2002

New images!

Packages have been updated, and syslinux.cfg was changed to make the shift from CDROM to floppy easier and more obvious...

Fri Feb 8 14:53:49 PST 2002

New packages were added:

Fri Feb 8 14:40:25 PST 2002

The current version of Oxygen 1.8 is here. The current development version is Oxygen 1.9 release 11 and it uses Linux 2.2.20.

The development version includes some very nice new features - the most important is that this version no longer requires special kernel patches! This means you can use any kernel you want, and don't have to apply the special patches - and it means that people who know how to compile their kernel won't find their kernel not working because the special patches are missing.

The development version also has some new versions of e3, syslinux, ipmask, and more! These updates will be back ported to the stable version (1.8) soonish.

The Oxygen Bootable CDROM currently uses an older version of Oxygen 1.9 with Linux kernel 2.2.

Fri Feb 8 14:34:49 PST 2002

First entry! This is using a new script called ndiary; you can get it from here.

This directory contains Oxygen 1.8 (release) and Oxygen 1.9 (development). It also contains the most recent version of the LRP Developer's Guide as well as a tarball of a directory designed to assist in the creation of packages; it's called lrp-diff.tar.gz

There's also a CDROM image of all of the Linux HowTos in PDF format.

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  • Updated on 2004-03-27 10:34:57 by mhnoyes

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