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Oxygen 1.8 is a major new revision

It contains the following new features:

  • A new flexible configuration file system
  • Full support for CDROMs
  • Upgradable glibc - packaged glibc 2.1 (new) into libc.lrp
  • More flexibility: things like cron and init are now packages
  • Linux 2.2.20 with Openwall
  • Revised hardening script
  • Script for headless booting with Compaq PCs
  • Full support for vfat
  • More automatic boot sequence
  • Updated: busybox 0.60.2, syslinux 1.64, e3

The new configuration file now allows these new features:

  • Load from multiple floppies, different formats
  • Definable prompt - prompt user to insert appropriate disk
  • Load modules
  • Load configuration file
  • Load from a list of packages
  • Use alternate packing programs (like bzip2)
  • Load packages from CDROM

Oxygen retains these features:

  • Automatic loading of packages; no more having to specify each package
  • Updated programs
  • Security checked
  • Enhanced with many utilities
  • Powerful package management (apkg) with optional full-screen interface
  • Full screen (with ncurses and dialog) configuration
  • Safe package backups (using apkg -s) - no more panicking when the disk runs out of space... and you find out too late...
  • Control system kernel parameters with sysctl

May.2001 incorporates important bug-fixes, and a few updates

  • Fixed segmentation faults in several programs (more, fdisk, cfdisk, sfdisk, tftp...)
  • New version of busybox (0.51)
  • New Linux kernel (2.2.19)

New Directions!

Oxygen has now gone to glibc 2.1.3 in the development versions. What does this mean? It means no more segmentation faults from current programs! Programs from distributions such as Debian Potato and Red Hat 6 will work!

Oxygen has also replaced the entire kernel-parameter based option system for LRP with a configuration file which allows much more flexibility:

  • Load packages from some disks and not others
  • Load modules from some disks and not others
  • Load the configuration package from whatever disk is desired
  • Define your volumes any way you want - not limited to /var/log and /tmp
  • Load packages from a list on one disk and all packages on another

Oxygen/LRP Resource CDROM

There is a new CDROM image which will boot with Oxygen. The Oxygen boot image used on the CDROM is a development version, and thus is not as well-tested as the current May 2001 release. However, it still has a lot of valuable data, as well as images (released and development) for your enjoyment. The CDROM comes with:

  • Linux kernel sources (2.2 series, 2.4 series)
  • Kernel patches, including Openwall, VPN+Masq, LRP, and many others
  • Oxygen disk images
  • Numerous packages
  • Documentation from various sources
  • Source code to all packages and Oxygen binaries

Features for December 2000

There are many new features:

  • Linux 2.2.18 kernel with Openwall (get archive with modules, configuration file, and all patches)
  • Firewall Disk to be released!
  • Built-in support for DHCP
  • Built-in support for loading packages via TFTP - and now HTTP, FTP, and GOPHER too!
  • Many new packages for network debugging and security testing
    Package Management menu
  • Different configurations for boot time - TFTP load, multiple disks, boot floppies only
  • e3 editor now supports Emacs and vi and WordStar emulations (all in less than 6K!)
  • Many utilities now built into the root filesystem:
    • libsafe - buffer overflows are part of the past
    • ssmtp - complete send-only replacement for sendmail
    • lcap - remove capabilities from Linux kernel (such as module loads, and more!)
    • snarf - tiny HTTP and FTP file getter...
  • Base system (root.lrp) now split into several more packages: root.lrp, usr.lrp (/usr), doc.lrp (/usr/share/doc), and home.lrp (/root and /home)
  • Security tightened - permissions checked, et al.
  • /tmp can be made into a separate RAM disk at user's choice
  • /var/log is a separate RAM disk, and can be sized according to user's preferences
  • syslinux.cfg now heavily commented and documented
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  • Updated on 2004-03-27 10:32:17 by mhnoyes

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