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Linux Kernel 2.2.18

Oxygen currently the only LRP-based distribution to come with Linux 2.2.18.

Security Enhancements

Oxygen includes lcap, a utility designed to work with Linux Capabilities, a new security feature within the kernel itself. These capabilities can prevent all users (including root) from modifying the routing tables, adding or removing modules, creating files in specified directories, making other files or directories "append-only", and more!

Oxygen also includes libsafe, a runtime library which helps to prevent buffer overflow attacks from occuring.

Oxygen also includes Openwall, a kernel patch which adds many security enhancements directly to the kernel itself, including buffer overflow protection and others.

Current Up-to-date Utilities

All of the utilities in the Oxygen distribution have been updated, and the process continues. As programs are updated, so is Oxygen and the *.lrp packages that go with it.

Some of the other distributions are using utilities that are over a year old and several versions out of date.

Now Includes Built-in Web Server

micro_httpd has been added, and a set of web pages begun. The goal is to create a set of web pages that provides basic documentation and pointers to other documentation for a new user.

New Expanded Configuration Utility

acfg now supports some command-line options, to allow configuring selected packages, configuring all packages, and listing configurable packages.

Serial Console Support

Now included is improved support for the serial console (for headless operation), including syslinux, logins, and more! It is possible to boot without a VGA display console entirely.

Frame-buffer Support

The 2.2.18 kernels were compiled with frame-buffer support, and the system comes with device files /dev/fb0 through /dev/fb4 preinstalled.

M-Systems DOC Support

This new version has the device files for M-Systems DiskOnChip preinstalled and ready to use. All that is needed is a kernel and module compiled to use the M-Systems DiskOnChip.

The Linux and Disk-On-Chip 2000 page is available here. Please note that, now that M-Systems have provided David Woodhouse with complete specifications with which to write a free driver for the device, there is no longer any reason to avoid using it with Linux systems.

New Device Support

Now included is support for 5.25" disks, older (smaller) 3.5" disks, and the parallel port. Also included is a fix which allows LRP to support more than a single disk drive (this was missing previously).

A New, Sophisticated Package Handling System

A new package handling system, apkg, has many advantages that are not present in other systems:

  • A package can be created in any directory.
  • A package can be verified.
  • An add-on package can be created easily - one that adds parts to the base system.
  • Package contents can be listed.
  • A package can be "folded" into the root - effectively converting a standard package into part of the base system.
  • A package's contents can be extracted to the current directory rather than installed.

New Booting Options

Multiple Disks:
Oxygen has the capability of booting from multiple disks, optionally with a prompt for swapping disks if necessary.
Network loading:
Load packages et al via tftp, ftp, even http - even without Linux support for the boot medium!
Load the entire disk into memory, prior to loading packages, providing quicker loads.

Simplicity of Configuration

The system will prompt for configuration the first time it is booted - providing a simpler and easier way to get the system configured right at the start.

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