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  • To take advantage of the characteristics of netfilter/iptables.
  • To use the most recent versions of kernel that are compatible with the rest of applications.
  • To maintain all the basic system in a maximum of 10MB leaving 6MB for particular adaptations of each user.
  • To be simple to use and to install, but considering that is embedidos systems.
  • To use kernel most standard possible to facitilar the development workings.
  • As far as possible to maintain the structure of directories of Debian.
  • To make the greater use possible of the packages of Bering to assure a fast update and compatibility.
  • To maintain the documentation updated and to provide with specific documents for the installation.
  • To give support by defect to advanced services: DMZ, VPN by IPSeC, QoS.

  • Created on 2004-03-15 22:16:15 by mhnoyes
  • Updated on 2004-03-27 09:20:21 by mhnoyes

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