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At the moment we have 2 Berig 1.0 Stable firewalls running on our office (in the last year and a half) and one of them enforcing security on an exibition (during the last two months) The firewalls are modified to let them boot from Compact Flash.

Giovanni Franza
MG Engineering
Cinisello Balsamo

I have been using LEAF in one form or another for about 3 years. Currently Praeos uses LEAF (Eigerstein and Dachstein) as firewalls in each office and to connect the 4 offices via an IPSec VPN, plus 1 VPN connection to a partner company's Cisco. Rather than justifying $15,000 or so in Cisco equipment I have been able to setup the VPN literally from "spare parts". The only need to reboot is for OS upgrades and the flexibility in firewall configuration, routing and available modules is virtually limitless.

Keep up the great work!

Todd S. Pearsall
Praeos Technologies, Inc.
Vice President, Operations and Technology

Small Office Home Office (SOHO)



Thanks to all of you LEAF developers/contributors. I started using LRP w/the first version of eigerstein, and used to follow the list back before the big fallout with lrp. The names are remember from years ago: Charles -- I never did catch you on Robot Wars :-( ; Jack Coates and MonkeyNoodle for dinner, Tom Eastep, Ray Olszewski, Jeff Newmiller, Mike Noyes, George Metz, Matt Schalit, and even Dave Cinege inspired people to participate. I know I answered a few questions when I could, but alas, I'm not a developer, so I cannot contribute at the level I'd like to. I have been amazed at your dedication to the betterment of the community and appreciated when those of you who did took a stand to keep LRP pure and out of politics. I've watched the development of all the branches and saw new names take on leadership roles (David Douthitt, Jacques Nilo, Eric Wolzak, and so many others)...I very much appreciate that all of you take time out of your lives to develop this product and to teach us how to use it.

Michael McClure
  • Created on 2004-03-11 10:31:39 by mhnoyes
  • Updated on 2004-12-24 09:39:39 by mhnoyes

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