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Release of pxeinstall

  • Posted by: kapeka on 2003-12-06 11:53+0000
  • Read: 17679

Members of the LEAF crew release pxeinstall.tgz today, December 6th 2003.

Based on the work of Eric de Thouars, we created a tool to make use of PXE to boot systems like Soekris net4501 or LexSystem (tested with a CV860A version) so that you can format an IDE HD or a CF card, put an msdos file system and syslinux on the IDE/HD or CF card and finally copy all files necessary for a Bering(-uClibc) system on the storage device.

Bering flies high!

  • Posted by: mhnoyes on 2003-02-22 09:28+0000
  • Read: 17431

James C Meehan had a dream to build a weather balloon. He needed a flight computer to for the balloon. After searching, he settled on a single board computer from Soekris Engineering powered by the LEAF Bering distribution.

Steven Peck

Update on Linux compatible Single-Board Computers

  • Posted by: mhnoyes on 2002-05-23 05:47+0000

Rick Lehrbaum reviews the factors driving fragmentation in the SBC market, takes a look at the shootout brewing in the between-PC/104-and-EBX size domain, and provides a brief Survey of Itsy Bitsy Embeddable SBCs that Run Linux.

Read full story at


  • Posted by: mhnoyes on 2002-07-12 05:49+0000

Storever has introduced today OpenBrick as a small fanless platform to run any kinds of Open Source / Free Software, and in particular LEAF. The web site contains LEAF/Bering images which can be put on a compact flash to create a ready-to-run ADSL/PPPOE/IPSEC NAT, firewall and VPN. We are now working on wireless packages.

Linux x86 system on a PCI Card

  • Posted by: mhnoyes on 2002-01-21 15:24+0000

OmniCluster Technologies has a 300 Mhz x86 on a PCI card called the SlotServer that should work well with LEAF. It has an internal PCI connection with its own MAC running ethernet/TCPIP over the PCI bus, plus a standard 10/100 ethernet RJ45 for the external interface.

Hardware for LEAF....

  • Posted by: mhnoyes on 2002-01-05 18:00+0000

Soren Kristensen wanted to let everybody know that he is manufacturing a little box that seems like a very good fit for Linux based firewalls.

For more information, please visit Soekris Engineering.

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