Chapter 1. Reading Material

Gcc HowTo

Good information on compiling programs, including information about compiling with alternate libraries.

Glibc Howto

Good information on compiling with alternate libraries, or making libraries dynamic or statically linked.

Linux Kernel Howto

Describes how to compile the kernel, and how to apply patches to the kernel.


This is a file contained within the Linux kernel sources. It contains information about major and minor device numbers for devices.

Compiling for Red Hat 5.2 on Red Hat 6.0

Quality information on how to compile using glibc 2.0 on a Red Hat 6.0 (glibc 2.1) system.

Boot Prompt HowTo

This describes all of the kernel parameters available from the boot prompt.

Loop Filesystem Mini HowTo

This is an intriguing HowTo, which describes how to load a root filesystem from a DOS disk during the boot process. The description of the boot process is very enlightening; this should be read.