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Contributions and Feedback


The LEAF "Bering" user's guide is organized around practical problems (and hopefully solutions) encountered by many Bering users. Users contributions are encouraged and welcomed. They can be send to the authors either in plain ASCII form or - better - in Docbook XML format. XML source code are available to everyone and can be used as templates.

Basic prior knowledge of linux and of the LEAF Bering distro (or any other LEAF distributions like Dachstein or Oxygen) is assumed. In particular the reader is supposed to be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Add or remove a package to/from a LEAF distribution through editing of the floppy syslinux.cfg file and move it to (out of) the Bering floppy disk

  • Add or remove a Bering linux kernel module by moving it to (out of) /lib/modules or /boot/lib/modules directory

  • Adjust the parameters of a given package through the LEAF configuration menu and backup a package

The following reference is a prerequisite reading:

Contributions and Feedback

Contributions to and comments on this document can be sent to the authors:

Jacques Nilo or Eric Wolzak .


You can download the docbook xml sources from the different sections of this user's guide here to be used as a template. A complete Docbook XML documentation can be found here.


Current version: 1.0 - 12 July 2003

Added following section:

  • Configuring an USB Eagle modem for Bering (J. Nilo)

Version: 0.9 - 17 June 2003

Added following sections:

  • Booting and installing Bering using PXE (J. Nilo)

  • Configuring an USB Speedtouch modem for Bering (J. Nilo)

Version: 0.8 - 23 May 2003

Added following sections:

  • Securing a wireless network with openvpn (S. Merrill)

Version: 0.7 - May 2003

Added following sections:

  • Configuring Bering as a bridge (S. Mohan)

  • Managing QoS with Bering (S. Mohan)

Version: 0.6 - April 2003

Added following sections:

  • Creating a Print Server on your Bering machine (L. Kimber)

Version: 0.5 - October 2002

Added following sections:

  • Installing and booting Bering from a M-Systems DiskOnChip (B. Fritz)

  • Time in Bering (J. Nilo & E. Wolzak)

  • The Bering "mail" and "cron" facilities (E. Wolzak)

Version: 0.4 - June 2002

Various sections edited for typos and updates

Version: 0.3 - May 2002

Added following section:

  • PPPoA configuration (J. Nilo)

Version: 0.2 - April 2002

Added following sections:

  • Creating a bootable Bering CD-Rom (L. Correia)

  • Booting Bering from different boot medias (J.Nilo/E. Wolzak)

  • Wireless and orinoco drivers (J. Nilo)

  • IPSEC configuration (C. Carr)

  • PPTP/PPPoA configuration (J. Nilo)

  • Monitoring Bering through a terminal console (J. Nilo)

Serial Modem, PCMCIA, PPPoE and ISDN sections corrected and edited.

Version: 0.1 - March 2002

Added following sections:

  • Serial Modem configuration (J. Nilo)

  • PCMCIA configuration (J. Nilo)

  • PPPoE configuration (E. Wolzak)

  • ISDN configuration (E. Wolzak)