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A guide written by users for users.

Table of Contents

1. Structure of the document
2. Serial Modem configuration
3. PCMCIA configuration
4. PPPoE configuration
5. PPPoA configuration
6. PPTP/PPPoA configuration
7. Configuring an USB Speedtouch modem for Bering
8. Configuring an USB Eagle modem for Bering
9. ISDN Configuration
10. Creating a bootable Bering CD-ROM
11. Booting Bering from different boot-media
12. Installing and booting Bering from a M-Systems DiskOnChip
13. Booting and installing Bering using PXE
14. Using GRUB as an alternative boot loader for Bering
15. Wireless and orinoco drivers
16. Securing a wireless network with openvpn
17. IPSec configuration
18. Monitoring Bering through a terminal console
19. Time in Bering
20. The Bering "mail" and "cron" facilities
21. Configuring Bering as a bridge
22. Managing QoS with Bering
23. Creating a Print Server on your Bering machine

List of Tables

9.1. Available ISDN modules