Chapter 1. Bering-uClibc preface

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The LEAF "Bering-uClibc" Installation Guide is intended as a guide for Bering-uClibc specific issues. For issues which are not described here, the reader is referred to the Bering Installation Guide. A lot of the information in that document is directly applicable to Bering-uClibc.

Users contributions are encouraged and welcomed. They can be send to the authors either in plain ASCII form or - better - in Docbook XML format. The XML source code of all chapters is available to everyone and can be used as templates.

Basic prior knowledge of linux and of the LEAF Bering-uClibc distro (or any other LEAF distributions like Bering, Dachstein or Oxygen) is assumed. In particular the reader is supposed to be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Editing the floppy syslinux.cfg file of the floppy disk

  • Adjust the parameters of a given package through the LEAF configuration menu and backup a package

The following reference is a prerequisite reading:

Contributions and Feedback

Contributions to and comments on this document can be sent to the Bering-uClibc Team:

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