Bering-uClibc User's Guide

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Revision 0.22003-08-17ET
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Table of Contents

1. Structure of the document
2. Using Dropbear
3. ez-ipupdate configuration
4. Configure a timeserver on LEAF Bering-uClibc
5. Configuring IPv6
6. freenet6.lrp - access for tunnel broker freenet6
7. Zebra configuration
8. Configuring openvpn
9. Configuring openswan(ipsec)
10. Managing Certs with tinyca
11. Using SNMP and RRD to monitor your LEAF system
12. Using keepalived with LEAF Bering-uClibc
13. Configure Universal Plug-N-Play IGD services
14. LEAF for the pcengines WRAP
15. Howto use Bering-uClibc as a VoIP solution using Yate
16. Howto use Bering-uClibc as a NAS and SAN solution
17. Running LEAF Bering-uClibc as guest system in VMware Server
18. Setting up a wireless access point with WPA
19. Revision history

List of Tables

7.1. Daemon ports:
8.1. OpenVPN keys and certificates
13.1. Firewall passthroughs