Bering-uClibc 3.x Installation Guide

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Table of Contents

1. Bering-uClibc preface
2. About Bering-uClibc 3.x
3. Available packages on the LEAF Bering-uClibc floppy
4. Download the distribution
5. The modules package and tarball
6. Adding and removing packages
7. Configure your keyboard
8. Configure your network
9. Configure Shorewall
10. Choosing the preferred editor
11. Using Bering-uClibc with an IDE harddisk or CD-ROM drive
12. Using dnsmasq
13. Serial Modem configuration
14. PPPoE configuration
15. PPTP/PPPoA configuration
16. PPPoA configuration
17. Timezone in Bering-uClibc
18. Webconf - a basic GUI for Bering-uClibc
19. apkg primer

List of Tables

3.1. Available LEAF packages
3.2. Other files
10.1. Available editor modes in Bering-uClibc