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Revision History
Revision 0.112006-01-29kp
Added webconf chapter written by Nathan Angelacos
Revision 0.102005-07-31MH
Fixed error in buildtool.cfg example
Revision 0.92004-11-01MH
Added description of include directive
Revision 0.82004-10-18MH
Added description of config items in buildtool.cfg
Revision 0.72004-10-17MH
Added new keywords to buildpacket documentation
Revision 0.62004-10-13MH
Additional comments on buildpacket usage
Revision 0.52004-10-11AB
Replace references to global.cfg with sources.cfg
Revision 0.42004-03-19ES
small addition about creating initrd
Revision 0.32004-03-06ES
updates for kernel 2.4.24
Revision 0.22003-11-18MH
Restructured buildtool chapters
Revision 0.12003-08-23KP
Initial document

Table of Contents

1. Development
2. Compiling code for Bering uClibc using Buildtool
3. Creating lrp packages with buildpacket
4. Webconf Architecture How To