Chapter 10. Booting with an Unpatched Linux Kernel

The standard LEAF/LRP kernel requires two patches:

Since the loading mechanism is changing, and support for these scripts are waning, it is beneficial to convert LEAF projects so that they do not require these patches.

During the boot process, Linux can use a RAM disk to bootstrap the system. A typical use for the RAM disk is to load SCSI modules and drivers to boot a SCSI disk. The LEAF usage of the initial RAM disk is not typical.

Here is how Linux uses the RAM disk and /linuxrc during the boot process:

Once /linuxrc is running, it must perform the following steps:

Once /linuxrc is done, the system must still mount all volumes. Due to the nature of the original LEAF systems, this was not necessary. However, it is necessary here since /linuxrc requires dismounting of all system volumes in order to perform the root volume switch (otherwise known as "pivot root").