Chapter 1. Conventions, Downloads, and ChangeLog

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The following conventions are used in this document.

monospaced itemsText that appears on the screen, or something that must be typed in.
bold itemsText that appears on the screen somewhere (or rather, something that you should look for to get your bearings).
italicized itemsItems in italics are either titles of other documents, or titles of sections within this document.
<variable>Items in < > symbols indicate that this is either something on the screen that changes, or something that you must replace with specific details regarding your configuration.
[Key]Items in [ ] symbols indicate that this is a key on the keyboard that you must press.


Dachstein CD ISO Imagedownloaddownload
Dachstein Floppy Disk Imagedownloaddownload
pcmcia modules.lrp replacementdownloadN/A


If you see garbage appear in your browser window, click the back button, Right-click on the link, and select the option to save the link to your disk.


0.1 - January, 2002

Initial Release; Includes the following:

  • Contents

  • Conventions, Downloads, and ChangeLog

  • Anatomy of a Dachstein Firewall

  • Linux Primer

  • Preparing the PC

  • Preparing the Disk

  • Fill Out the Network Information Sheet

  • Initial Configuration

  • Modify your Firewall for a Static External IP Address

  • Modify your Firewall for a Static Internal IP Address

  • Appendix A: Backing Up

  • Appendix B: Resources

  • Appendix C: Network Information Sheet

  • Appendix D: Laptop-Specific Issues