Bering Installation Guide

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Jacques Nilo

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Updates for Bering 1.2
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Updates for Bering 1.1
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Installation for the uninitiated.

Table of Contents

1. About LEAF "Bering"
2. LEAF "Bering" Changelog
3. Available packages on the LEAF "Bering" floppy
4. Installation - step 1: download the distribution
5. Installation - step 2: download the modules
6. Installation - step 3: Add/remove the (un)needed packages and modules
7. Installation - step 4: configure your keyboard
8. Installation - step 5: configure your network
9. Installation - step 6: configure Shorewall
10. Installation - step 7: configure your system
11. Information on packages provided on the Bering floppy disk
12. Information on packages provided in the Bering packages download area

List of Tables

3.1. Available LEAF packages
3.2. Other files