Chapter 2. LEAF "Bering" Changelog

Table of Contents

Current version: 1.2 - May, 11 2003
Version: 1.1 - February,16 2003
Version: 1.0-stable - November,14 2002
Version: 1.0-rc4 - October,20 2002
Version: 1.0-rc3 - June,16 2002
Version: 1.0-rc2 - April,22 2002
Version: 1.0-rc1 - March,16 2002
Version: beta4 - February 2002
Version: beta3 - February 2002
Version: beta2 - January 2002
Older versions

Current version: 1.2 - May, 11 2003

  • 2.4.20 kernel patched with the latest grsecurity patch (1.9.9h). UPX must now be used with the -f flag to compress the kernel.

  • 2.4.20 kernel patched with ebtables(V2.0.003) and last br-nf(V0.0.10) patch. The ebtables.lrp package provides the ebtables userland program which is used to make filtering rules for a Linux-based Ethernet bridge. You will have to remove Shorewall from your configuration if you want to use this facility. This is untested. I would really appreciate some feedback!

  • Shorewall updated to latest version 1.4.2

  • Superfreeswan ( version) now provided in lieu of freeswan. It is the 1.99 version of freeswan patched for x509 support (0.9.28 version), NAT-traversal (0.5a) and Notification/delete patches from Mathieu Lafon and crypto patches from JJ Ciarlante. Jeff Newmiller deserves a special thanks for helping me to have the userland programs compiled under debian/slink !

  • bug in /etc/bin/df corrected: arguments were ignored.

  • pump.lrp updated to version 0.8.14-2

  • /etc/pump.shorewall modified. It does not start Shorewall anymore since /etc/init.d/shorewall is doing it.

  • pcmcia.lrp updated to version 3.2.4

  • New pcmcia_hostap.lrp and pcmcia_wlan.lrp packages to be used as a replacement of pcmcia.lrp for an easy configuration of your pcmcia cards in hostap mode or using the Prism2 wlan-ng driver. Do not forget to rename it pcmcia.lrp after download!

  • iptables.lrp updated to version 1.2.8

  • ulogd.lrp updated to version 1.0

  • sysklogd now starts from /etc/rcS.d. Otherwise initial pump output was not logged to debug. As a consequence is also being started in /etc/rcS.d

  • New devices now created: par[0,..,2], lp[0,..,2], ttySLT and net/tun

  • A minor bug has been corrected in the conf file of bridge.lrp

  • Host AP drivers for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 from updated with the latest 0.0.2 version (4 May 2003). They are in the Bering modules directory

  • Drivers for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 from uptaded to version 0.1.16 and are avalailable in the Bering modules directory.

  • New wlan-ng.lrp package for an easy configuration of wlan interfaces from the /etc/interfaces file.

  • New wireless.lrp package for an easy configuration of wireless interfaces from the /etc/interfaces file.

  • Atmel drivers (version 2.1.1) are now provided.

  • New chapters in the user's guide:

    Thanks for these contributions!

Version: 1.1 - February,16 2003

  • 2.4.20 kernel patched with grsecurity 1.9.9c

  • shorewall updated to version 1.3.14

  • shorewall output now done to /var/log/shorewall.log by default through ulogd daemon (provided in ulogd.lrp)

  • freeswan (1.99 version) ipsec is patched for x509 support and now includes NAT-traversal and Notification/delete patches from Mathieu Lafon

  • tinylogin updated to version 1.4

  • bug in /etc/cron.daily/multicron-d corrected

  • clean-up in etc.lrp to get in sync with Bering-ulibc. In particular a new /etc/syslog.conf file

  • df command fixed to take care of post 2.4.18 kernels

  • Minor cleanup's in pump.lrp and weblet.lrp

Version: 1.0-stable - November,14 2002

  • shorewall updated to version 1.3.10

  • pcmcia-cs updated to version 3.2.3

  • freeswan/ipsec updated to version 1.99

  • Bering winimage now generated in English :-)

  • Typo corrected in /usr/sbin/lrcfg.back.script. Partial backups should now work OK

  • /dev/nftla added to /var/lib/lrpkg/root.mount to fix a problem when trying to boot from DoC

Version: 1.0-rc4 - October,20 2002

  • new kernel config file to allow for mount usbdevfs and large routing tables

  • 2.4.18 kernel now patched with grsecurity 1.9.5 and customized configuration

  • shorewall updated to version 1.3.9b

  • tinylogin updated to version 1.2

  • ifupdown updated to version New options allow to setup mtu, hwaddress and label for a given interface

  • tc.lrp package removed from the Bering floppy to the Bering packages download area

  • iptables now provided as an iptables.lrp package to ease updates

  • wtmp now generated in /var/log. last command now works OK.

  • /usr/bin/savelog fixed - gzip now works for log files

  • change group from adm to wheel in rotatelogs() savelog statement: the content of /var/log can now be viewed from weblet

  • /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/groups cleaned up. New users added: sshd and squid

  • zebra related services added to /etc/services

  • sshd commented out in inetd.conf

  • xargs added to busybox to allow dhclient to stop cleanly with ifdown

  • Some bug fixes in POSIXness.mail and lrcfg.back

  • Bug in /etc/cron.daily/multicron-d corrected: $PATH variable must be redefined for several function to work under cron

  • HOSTNAME defined also in /etc/cron.d/multicron otherwise won't be used within multicron-d functions

  • Bug in /usr/sbin/lrcfg.back.script corrected to allow proper working of partial backups

  • New checkfreespace function in /etc/cron.daily/multicron.d which allows space to be checked on multiple directories

  • /dev/nftla devices have now the proper major number. /linuxrc patched to allow booting from Disk-on-Chip devices. Thanks to Brad Fritz for his contribution on this and his excellent new chapter of the Bering user's guide !

  • Some Bering packages have been updated: pcmcia.lrp (V3.2.1) and ipsec.lrp (1.9.8b) which also corrects some bugs

  • New packages are available: ntpdate.lrp (4.0.1), a time server client and ntpsimpl.lrp (4.0.1) which provides the ntpd daemon.

  • Host AP drivers for drivers for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 from (hostap-2002-10-12) avalailable in the Bering modules directory

  • drivers for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 from (linux-wlan-ng.0.1.15) avalailable in the Bering modules directory. Userland programs are now packaged in wlan-ng.lrp

  • Donald Becker network drivers are now in the Bering modules directory

  • A full new chapter available in the Bering installation guide about "System configuration"

  • Three new chapters available in the Bering user's guide about "Setting time in Bering", "the mail and cron facilities and "Installing and booting Bering from a M-System Disk-on-Chip

Version: 1.0-rc3 - June,16 2002

  • Bering now supports apm and vlan as modules. New netfilter modules provided for H323, pptp, sftp and talk.

  • Bering kernel now patched with grsecurity v1.9.4. Kernel compiled with "medium" level.

  • Shorewall updated to latest 1.3.1 version with the June 15, 2002 errata.

  • Busybox updated to 0.60.3: saves 10k and ls command output is now in colour :-)

  • updated to create mtd, nftla1->4, lp0, lp1 devices for DoC and parallel printer support

  • In /lib/POSIXness, POSIXness.text removed, POSIXness.mail corrected (thanks to K.P. Kirchdörfer), POSIXness.system cleaned-up and POSIXness.linuxrouter modified so that lrpkg -i /anydir/package.lrp can work.

  • /etc/passwd and /etc/group updated so that qmail.lrp can now work out of the box

  • bridge scripts in bridge.lrp fixed

  • syslinux updated to version 1.75

  • weblet.lrp updated: sh-httpd has GID 10 (wheels) to be able to run with grsecurity patch. Correction for layout problems in viewsys and viewnet. Display of statistiscs improved using the "ip -s link show" command. Memory check changed: now only the memory in the tmpfs and dev/root are checked. Mounted floppies and cdroms are ignored.

  • User's guide updated to revision 0.3. with some editing. Also now available as pdf file in the Bering download area.

  • Installation guide updated to revision 0.7. Also available as pdf file in the Bering download area.

Version: 1.0-rc2 - April,22 2002

  • Bering now support IPSEC (Freeswan - version 1.97) as a module. ipsec.lrp & ipsec509.lrp packages available. Thanks to Chad Carr for his great work!

  • Bering now support pptp tunnels. Kernel was patched accordingly and pppd daemon as well

  • Bering can now boot from a CD-Rom. The result of a great team work involving Luis F. Correia , Allen Hillery and Chritian Hostelet . Luis also wrote a new section of the Bering user's guide explaining how to create the CD-Rom.

  • Shorewall updated to latest 1.2.12 version. Parameterized two-interfaces setup removed and replaced by the new two-interfaces sample from Tom. The Bering's installation manual about Shorewall has been completely rewritten.

  • PCMCIA kernel mode removed. We now go for pcmcia_cs package and modules. Seems more robust and also support PCI/PCMCIA bridge

  • Last version (2.21) of the e3 editor now provided

  • Kernel now compiled with serial support (by popular demand :-))

  • Busybox mount command now works for NFS volumes

  • iptables updated with the last 1.2.6a version

  • User's guide updated to revision 0.2. with five new chapters and many updates !

  • Installation guide updated to revision 0.5.

Version: 1.0-rc1 - March,16 2002

  • Updated with the 2.4.18 linux kernel which fixes the Netfilter/IRC bug. Support is now provided for Appletalk and IPX through appropriate modules

  • Shorewall updated version 1.2.9. Allows now MAC addresses filtering

  • iptables updated with the last 1.2.5 version

  • lrcfg.back.script updated with the most recent version from Dachstein which allows partial backup and adatped to work without ctar. Backup problems experienced in beta-4 should be gone. Eric spent quite some time on this one :-).

  • New pcmcia.lrp packages (tested and more compact and with a more detailed documentation).

  • Documentation updated to revision 0.4.

Version: beta4 - February 2002

  • ifupdown program adapted to only use ip addr and ip route commands. ifconfig removed

  • Shorewall updated to latest 1.2.6 version

  • arp program added to /sbin to have proxy-arp working with Shorewall (thanks to Yvo Nelemans for noticing this)

  • Beta2 /usr/sbin/lrcfg.back.initrd script restored. Automatic computation of INITRD_SIZE in beta3 was buggy

  • Loading of modules stored in /boot/lib/modules right after initrd is mounted is now working properly

  • ctar removed following a suggestion by S. Caron

  • The pcmcia.lrp configuration list is no more broken

  • Some clean-up in weblet.lrp

  • Documentation updated to revision 0.3.

Version: beta3 - February 2002

  • The distribution has now a name: Bering !

  • Kernel 2.4.16 updated. Includes now support for Hard disks, DOC, ext2/ext3/reiserfs filesystems, PPPOA, IPV6

  • Shorewall updated to latest 1.2.5 version

  • Winimage floppy image now available for Windows users

  • INITRD_SIZE parameter removed: /usr/sbin/lrcfg.back.initrd now computes optimal size of INITRD filesystem

  • /etc/init.d/netbase removed and replaced by /etc/init.d/inetd. Portmap will be provided as a separate package.

  • Some clean-up in the /etc/init.d RCDLINKS= parameters to comply with Debian/Woody

  • Supplemental packages available providing openssh, pcmcia, ppp (with active-filter enabled) and wireless support. Check the Bering packages directory.

  • Pump.lrp recompiled with proper options and /etc/shorewall.pump script corrected. Also /etc/init.d/pump script removed: Pump fully controlled by ifup/down

  • removed (and tcpd and sshd recompiled accordingly). Save about 10K (compressed).

  • /usr/sbin/ticker replaced by a shell script (Thanks Ray !). Save 1,3K (compressed)

  • Documentation updated to revision 0.2. Thanks to L. Avants, T. Eastep & L. Platzek for their suggestions !

Version: beta2 - January 2002

  • Kernel 2.4.16 now used. New kernel config file. Includes in particular support for PCMCIA, PPP, PPP/PPPOE, ISDN, USB and bridging

  • Use shorewall 1.2.2 allowing among many other things traffic shapping & blacklisting

  • Pump (0.8.11-3) being used as default DHCP/BOOTP client to save disk space (dhclient.lrp still OK)

  • networking script now fully debian/sid compatible. Dachstein's /etc/network.conf, /etc/ipchains.conf and /etc/init.d/network files/scripts completely removed

  • ifconfig (1.4.2) and ifupdown (0.6.4) available

  • new applets in bbox library (0.60.2)

  • new version of iproute2 (010824). tc patched to allow for HTB queuing discipline

  • bridge now available as a separate package. Provides brctl from bridge-utils (0.9.4)

  • ppp.lrp and pppoe.lrp provided in the standard distro for serial/modem and adsl/pppoe connections. pppoe.lrp provides the PPPoE 2.4.16 kernel plugin. The ppp daemon is the 2.4.1 version patched for kernel mode PPPoE available here.

  • pon, poff and plog scripts provided in ppp.lrp for ppp on demand.

  • weblet.lrp modified to handle iptable output. Do not need netstat anymore

  • first draft of installation guide available (what your are reading now)

Older versions

version: 2.4.14-b1 - 12 December 2001

version: 2.4.14-alph a - 20 November 2001