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Hoying, Andrew

Andrew Hoying

SourceForge User: wolffang

CVS Repository: wolffang


LEAF Development


Packages available for LRP based distributions.

All packages have been tested on an Oxygen May 2001 based system. They are compiled against GLibc 2.0.7 which is used on all current non-development LRP distributions. If you have any problems with these packages, please send an e-mail to, or the LEAF-Users mailing list.

Select from the list below, or browse my package directory.

Package Description Information Home Page
FCron 1.1.1 A replacement cron package with many new options More Information FCron Home Page
Iptables 1.2.2 Core netfilter tool for packet filtering under the 2.4 kernel More Information Netfilter/IPTables Home Page
Iptraf 2.4.0 Ncurses based network monitoring tool. More Information Iptraf Home Page
Net-SNMP 4.2.1 A configurable SNMP client and server tool set More Information Net-SNMP Home Page
Si 1.0 A /proc viewer that can output HTML pages More Information Si Home Page
Si CGI script A CGI shell script for weblet or httpd and Si (change .txt to .cgi) More Information  
SMBMount 2.0.10 A tool for mounting remote samba shares locally More Information Samba Home Page
Snort 1.8 A network intrusion detection system and packet sniffer More Information Snort Home Page
Zebra 0.91a A routing suite with bgp, rip and ospf support More Information Zebra Home Page
Libm 2.1.1 Math library for snort and other packages    

The following packages have special licensing restrictions. They are free to use, but please go to the license page before downloading. If you have any questions, please send them to the author of these tools.

TCPServer 0.88 A compact, secure replacement for inetd or xinetd and tcpwrappers More Information UCSPI-TCP tools Home Page
TCPClient 0.88 A small netcat like utility with a raw smtp connecter included More Information UCSPI-TCP tools Home Page

Kernels compiled for LRP based distributions and support packages.

The Linux Kernel 2.4.x is still in beta testing for LRP use. Please read all documentation and report any problems you experience using the following kernel and tools to or the LEAF-Devel mailing list

To upgrade the May 2001 Oxygen diskette image to kernel 2.4.5 please follow these steps:

  • Download and install the kern24x.lrp package. Copy it to the Oxygen disk and merge it into the root.lrp package using the apkg utility.
  • Download the linux 2.4.5 kernel with the grsecurity patch and IDE support and copy it over the linux file on your boot disk. Alernatively you can download the kernel without IDE support compiled in.
  • Download the module tarball and copy the modules that you need to your module directory. Remember to remove the old linux 2.2 modules currently there.
  • If you plan on using iptables, download the iptables 1.2.2 package and copy it to your diskette. You will need to load the various netfilter modules you wish to use in order to use iptables. For more information please visit the netfilter home page.


For more information, visit the LEAF home page and explore the various resources available there.

Andrew Hoying
Last updated 7/20/01

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