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Barreto, Pedro
Batozech, Paul
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Best, Scott
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Boulter, Shane
Capriotti, Luigi
Caron, Serge
Carr, Chad
Charlier, Etienne
Church, Julian
Clausen, Jon
Coates, Jack
Correia, Luis
Covel, Sean
de Thouars, Eric
Douthitt, David
Doyle, Richard
Dubler, Pete
Eastep, Tom
Erle, Schuyler
Ezrine, Paonia
Fink, Steve
Fino, Andrea
Fong, Nicholas
French, Jonathan
Fritz, Brad
Gibbs, Nigel
Giussani, Cristian
Hadley, Kenneth
Hejl, Martin
Hoying, Andrew
Ivaschenko, Vladimir
Iyer, Venki
Kimber, Lee
Kirchdörfer, KP
Kiser, Eric
Kozhedub, Sergey
Lee, Hendry D.
Leone, Michael
Lohman, Richard J.
Long, Dale
Metz, George
Minola, Sandro
Morgan, Greg
Mueller, Peter
Nanson, Brock
Nebrera, Jaime
Newmiller, Jeff
Niedermann, Hans Ulrich
Noyes, Mike
Officer, Joey
Olszewski, Ray
Onanian, Rick
Oppalfens, Kim
Ousdal, Per Gustav
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Pitz, Bill
Platzek, Larry
Pocius, Bob
Prieto, Juan J.
Psenicka, Henry
Reed, Morgan
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Ribeiro, Justin
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Schalit, Matt
Schleif, Michael D.
Sensney, Mike
Spakman, Eric
Speel, Hans Cees
Stanford, Robert
Steinkuehler, Charles
Sundaram, Mohan
Titl, Erich
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Travis, Hilton
Ugander, Johan
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Weaver, Gerry
Wegner, Timothy
Wolzak, Eric

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Onanian, Rick

Rick Onanian

SourceForge User: thc

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Need help?

For live LRP discussion, connect your IRC client to and join #leaf. If you don't know what irc is, see this information page. Please check the LRP Troubleshooting Request HowTo before joining, like you would before asking a question on the LRP list.

Meta Sites

(Single sites that fit into more than one category) and LRP/LEAF developer sites.

Note: This section will grow as I migrate links from other sections here.

(Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall) is a site where LRP derivatives can work together with eachother, and where LRP documentation and other contributions can be found.
(Mirrors: 1 2 3) is the home of the Eigerstein series; it contains documentation, packages, images, and more.
Jack Coates's site
has quite useful docs and some good packages.
Todd Horsman's LRP site
has a difficult to find odds and ends -- specific disk images, modules, packages..


Non-LRP-Specific Linux and other documentation

Mini Howtos



Websites that will port-scan or otherwise check you for vulnerabilities

LRP Distributions

  • Main LRP site containing 'official' info and files (including the new 2.9.8 version)
  • Charles Steinkuehler's site has lots of help, Eiger disk images, his Eigerstein LRP versions, packages, and even a mirror of this site. Go there! :)
  • David Douthitt's Oxygen release is a heavily modified, updated and upgraded LRP derived from 2.9.7.
  • "SuperIdiotImages" (I think these are super images, rather than images for super idiots; but maybe I'm wrong :)
  • LRP-Based Mini Distribution that goes on a <10mb HD and doesn't use a RAMdisk, and includes the 2.2.11 kernel with some additional tools
  • Also, see the Byte Magazine articles listed under Documentation above for disk images by columnist Trevor Marshall
  • LRP-RG (RG="Residential Gateway") is based on older lrp versions and includes HPNA and Aviator PCMCIA NIC images.
  • NetNimble WRIP is based on LRP and runs PCMCIA wireless radio cards.
  • PPPoE images by Kenneth Hadley
  • Eiger runs on a 2.2.15 kernel. It's author has ceased to support it -- use Eigerstein or Oxygen, or the latest 'official' LRP.
  • Frazierwall is derived from LRP and Coyote, and runs a 2.2.18 kernel.
  • Sandro Minola's site has a modified Eigerstein2, with updated dhcpd and dhclient, updated weblet, pre-setup icq port forwarding, and a telnetd. There is also a big howto. The page is written in German. (Mirrors: 1, 2)
  • 2.9.8 image with built-in Cyclades PC-300 support, and a package to add to existing 2.9.8 systems
  • CISH seems to have started as a shell for LRP users that emulates a commercial router shell, but then became it's own LRP distribution.
  • modules.lrp for Eigerstein that supports PCMCIA cards
  • FireWare by Bits Over Atoms is a commercial LRP product
  • Coyote was previously a commercial LRP disk creation wizard, but the source has been opened.

LRP Files

Other tools and sites

Free/dynamic DNS sites and similar

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