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Stanford, Robert

Robert Stanford

SourceForge User: rlstanford

CVS Repository: rlstanford


Robert Stanford's LEAF Contributions

Last Update 10th July 2001


Kernel modules and instructions for getting PCI (and maybe ISA) lucent winmodems (now linmodems as well) to work on your lrp box with Kernel version 2.2.18 and 2.2.19 . You betcha! as crappy as these things are in windows they actually work rather well in linux.


A small script that runs as a cron job for those who like to keep tabs on their routers ip but dont want to use a dynamic dns service. Just fill in the values in the script as per instruction contained within and your router will email you with its new ip address whenever it changes.


A small netbios name server, its just a hackup of the samba.lrp that I think I got from Koon Wongs site, if you have a dhcp server running on your lrp box just add the following line to your dhcpd.conf file

option netbios-name-servers;

(assuming that is the ip of your lrp box) This package was made for Coyote as well, I'll have to come back to Eigerstein and Oxygen and modify it to suit.

Other Projects in Mind!

I also work closely with the Linux terminal Server Project, and see alot of parallels between leaf and the thin clients we run with LTSP. A Linux Floppy based router and a Linux thin client are almost physicaly identical machines and I look forward to melding certain aspects of both projects. Heres a couple of things i'd like to get working in the near future.
  1. You can attach printers to LTSP thin clients and print to them without having to run an lpr print spooler on them. This would translate great to leaf and not increase the memory requirements on the router one bit.
  2. LTSP thin clients boot via tftp and mount their root filesystem via NFS, this is all initiated via code written by the Etherboot team. Etherboot isnt at the stage yet where it can boot PCMCIA nics so we at LTSP are hoping to modify a floppy based linux router a.k.a. leaf to support pcmcia and boot laptop computers as thin clients (YeP! some people actually ask for this).

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