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Batozech, Paul

Paul Batozech

SourceForge User: pdba

CVS Repository: pdba


LRP and LEAF stuff by pdba

LRP Boot Disk HowTo

A HowTo in html format covering LRP style boot disk creation. Covers various creation means, typical contents, dealing with large format floppies under Linux, editing syslinux.cfg, etc.

While most examples deal with the 'official' branch of LRP there is much info thats relevent to the other LRP's as well.

Also a small section on Windows and the LRP boot disk.


A script written in bash to help automate the generation of LRP boot disks. Again geared towards the 'official' LRP releases, it should work with the others. Run it on your Linux workstation where you do your LRP maintenance.

Formats the floppy with the user's choice of size (supports large disks), copies the required as well as user specified .lrp files and edits syslinux.cfg as needed. Interactive mode prompts user, or all args can be specified on the command line to allow unattended disk creation.

Be sure to read the README included in the pakage as mkrtrfd assumes certain things about it's enviroment. The user can either alter things to suit the script, or edit the script to work with what's already on the workstation.

It aint magic, but if you can succesfully create a boot disk from scratch on your workstation now, mkrtrfd will automate the process.


Another bash script that logs when an alleged fulltime connection, ie cable modem or DSL line, comes and goes.

Basically, it sends a few ping packets periodically to check the connection, appropriate linkdown and linkup time stamps are then written to it's log file.

While written in bash it runs fine under LRP's ash. There is no README, but instructions for use are contained at the top of the script.

  • Created on 2004-03-25 10:31:50 by mhnoyes
  • Updated on 2004-05-12 08:30:55 by mhnoyes

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