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Sensney, Mike

Mike Sensney

SourceForge User: msensney

CVS Repository: msensney


Mike's LRP related files

Syslinux with disabled keyboard routines. For use without a keyboard. If you use either of these syslinux versions and your system hangs, try "syslinux -s a:" 12-Dec-00 12:05 7,144 version 1.50 (Modified keyboard routines) 21-Dec-00 1:02 7,024 version 1.48 (Modified keyboard routines)

dig 02-Oct-00 10:13 141k
Copied from Debian Slink
nslookup 02-Oct-00 10:13 157k
Copied from Debian Slink
arp 15-Aug-01 10:40 25k
Copied from Debian Slink

ftp.pdf 30-Sep-00 23:03 15k
FTP info - condensed by Matthew Schalit
ipchains-quickref.pdf 30-Sep-00 23:03 13k
Scott Bronson's IP Chains Quick Reference
packetlog.pdf 30-Sep-00 23:03 28k
Log quick ref drawn from the IPChains HOWTO
ip-cref.pdf 07-Dec-00 11:43 355k
IP Command Reference, 59 pgs, Alexey N. Kuznetzov

linkmon 22-Sep-00 08:34 3k
Script to monitor ISP links

2.2.16 kernels compiled for LRP 2.9.8

linux-2.2.16-PPro 29-Oct-00 19:31 511k
Cyrix/IBM/National Semiconductor 6x86MX, MII and Intel Pentium II/Pentium Pro
linux-2.2.16-586 29-Oct-00 17:37 511k
Generic Pentium CPUs, possibly lacking the TSC (time stamp counter) register
linux-2.2.16-486 29-Oct-00 20:46 523k
AMD/Cyrix/IBM/Intel DX4 or 486DX/DX2/SL/SX/SX2, AMD/Cyrix 5x86, NexGen Nx586 and UMC U5D or U5S
linux-2.2.16-486FPU 29-Oct-00 23:55 552k
Same as linux-2.2.16-486 but with FPU support added
linux-2.2.16-386FPU 29-Oct-00 22:49 542k
AMD/Cyrix/Intel 386DX/DXL/SL/SLC/SX, Cyrix/TI 486DLC/DLC2 and UMC 486SX-S

Modules compiled for 2.2.16

rtl8139.o 03-Oct-00 12:24 16k
Has Sept 4, 2000 patch applied
rtl8139.o.32K 03-Oct-00 12:24 16k
Has Sept 4, 2000 patch applied and RX buffer reduced to 32K
ip_masq_msn.o 06-Oct-00 12:24 4k
MSN Game Zone Module - see Docs As yet untested!!!
ip_masq_msn2.o 06-Oct-00 12:24 4k
MSN Game Zone Module BETA - see Docs As yet untested!!!

3C5X9CFG.EXE 23-Apr-99 14:55 231k
DOS configuration program for the 3c509B NIC (from 3COM).
WGET.ZIP 28-Jun-01 15:17 60k
GNU Wget 1.6 from Cygwin -
CYGWIN1.ZIP 28-Jun-01 15:17 313k
CYGWIN1.DLL from Cygwin - required by Wget -
CYGINTL.ZIP 28-Jun-01 15:17 6k
CYGINTL.DLL from Cygwin - required by Wget -

NW Cable & Connector Co.
A good source for CAT-5, KVM, Telephone hardware.

You can contact me via email at:

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