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Ugander, Johan

Johan Ugander

SourceForge User: jugander

CVS Repository: jugander


LRP and Johan Ugander

This is a quick and dirtry page to serve my LRP contributions. I am sorry about the rushed nature of this site, but I am very pressed for time this week. Come next week, I may sit down and do a lot of things.. =-) PLEASE, feel free to contact me with corrections, additions, questions, ANYTHING... it makes me feel good about myself. If I answer, that's a wholey different suject matter. =-p I'll try to, eventually.


HOWTOs and such, that I've written.


This is a HOWTO for installing LRP on a M-Systems Disk-On-Chip Flash SSD drive, a process which involves patching and compiling your own LRP kernel. Don't worry, I documented that process too, and therefore parts of the howto may be useful for people looking to compile their own LRP kernels.



These are PCMCIA wavelan packages for LRP (finaly, could it be?) PCMCIA-i is for PCMCIA boards with intel chipsets, PCMCIA-db is for boards with DataBook chipsets. I had to use both, so I made both. These are grossly outdated (of course it was too good to be true). I made them a week or so ago, but since then I fixed numerous things on the machine, and I have no retrieved the edited packages off the machines. Nor do I have the time. I will publish newer ones when they come. The thing is, I did this for my own good, not as a package for everyone. It is massively stripped to only support wavelan, and the only pcmcia-cs binary included is cardmgr. I don't even know if the packages I am uploaded here work at all. Please get back to me on that if you happen to try them. Provided as is. If you email me, I might get back to you. I am going to fix this package up eventually, but not until at least a bit into march, probobly april. I am also a horrible person, for I hard coded the loading of the wvlan_cs module into /etc/init.d/pcmcia. But it works for me... =-)

Because I don't have a howto to accompany this, here is a comment that will soon be in the soon to be written HOWTO, which will be done about the same time as the package completion. If you are getting a MAC address of 00:00:00:00..., change the IRQ's. This is described in the Linux PCMCIA HOWTO here.


the lrcfg files are call the package just pcmcia, so if you want to be able to back them up, you must rename the packages from pcmcia-xxx.lrp to pcmcia.lrp.

In progress

Data Plotter Ash CGI

A shell script cgi script for ash that I wrote which plots 60 numerical data points ranging from 0-100. It does this by generating tables columns with variable heights above and below a point.I have a seperate C program working with a data acquisition card that is creating this text file. The scripts run with sh-httpd from the weblet package by Charles Steinkuehler. Thank you charles, for so much more.

Currently, I can offer only a static capture of the html outputed by the script. I'm working on it! Because it's a shell script, it's just a few wee little kb. If it looks like you have a use for it or something like it, and would like the code when I'm done, contact me at


Write LRP-Embedded howto (what to do to adapt LRP to a network based embedded OS for non-routing tasks) Perhaps I should mantain a release? ... time will tell.

Write PCMCIA documentation.

About Me

I am Johan Ugander. I am 16 years old. I attend The Academy for Engineering and Design Technology. I live on Woodcliff Lake, NJ. I am Swedish.

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