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Avants, Lynn

Lynn Avants

SourceForge User: guitarlynn

CVS Repository: guitarlynn


Hello, my name is Lynn Avants, also known as 'Guitarlynn' as known to many linux sites and newsgroups over the last several years. As a LEAF developer, my main contributions will be documentation and support with some scripting as well. I've been using LEAF for several years now and this project has not only brought me some incrediable networking tools, but also extended my networking knowledge in a routing and firewalling atmosphere. I've done some consulting work with mixed OS environments and written quite a few popular docs on sites such as Brainbuzz (now Cramsession). With what knowledge and experience I have, my plans here are to give back to the LEAF project the many wonderful and useful things that I have received from it freely.

I am currently looking for work in Linux Administration and have consultation experience. If interested in hiring me or receiving a resume, contact me at

A big thank-you to Charles, David, Mike, Jacques, Serge and all the other LEAF developers and supporters!

~Lynn Avants
aka Guitarlynn

Some of my Contributions to LEAF

Dachstein Ipsec Gateway 1680K Floppy

There are some people out there that would like to run a IPSec VPN gateway on a LEAF router with a single floppy disk. This image is a custom version of Dachstein that has everything necessary to do this with, full functionality of the original Dachstein version (except local.lrp, the README.txt, and aliased interfaces) while still retaining the 1680KB floppy format. This image does contain the "udhcp.lrp" package that replaces both the dhcp client and server on the stock Dachstein disk. Most of the network card modules have been stripped, so if the ones you need aren't on the disk, please get them from Charles site at the link below. This package is currently in testing, please post to the leaf-user list for feedback on how this image is working for you!


You can save a little more free space by replacing the stock 'udhcp.lrp' package on the image with the newer 'udhcp.lrp.dachstein' package linked below (rev. 1.5).

You can download the image from: dachstein-v1.0.2-ipsec-1680.bin!

You can get modules from: Modules!

For IPSec configuration, I have written a complete HowTo that is located at:

The Udhcp package(s) for LEAF

I have packaged the tiny "udhcp" program that contains both a dhcp server and a dhcp client in a single. This package has almost all the functionality of the other dhcp server and client packages are available in a disk space that is roughly 1/3 to 1/4 of the packages that it replaces. This is intended to be used on people using LEAF floppy images that would like some extra disk space for other packages.

For Bering and general LEAF package, use this one: udhcp.lrp!


v1.5 is setup for Bering using Shorewall, you will need the 'dhcp' option set on the LAN interface(s) used. If using some other firewall program, edit '/etc/udhcpc.hooks' appropiately!

For a Dachstein specific package (drop-in replacement) use this one: udhcp.lrp.dachstein!

Source code for the binaries are located here: udhcp-0.9.6.src.tar.gz The shell scripts are they're own source code.

Dachstein Install Scripts

I have written a set of scripts to configure Dachstein. I have not tested the bridging yet, but it should work... hopefully my memory serves me well. There are seperate sets of scripts for the Dachstein v1.0.2 floppy and cdrom releases - use the proper scripts for your media type.

There are two ways to use these scripts with your Dachstein floppy!

  1. The first way is to use my custom Dachstein floppy image with the scripts built-in (The *.bin image file for Linux).
  2. The second way is to download the "root.lrp" package and replace the one on you existing floppy with it (a simple cut and paste in your favorite OS will do this).

PPP and PPPoE are _not_ supported with these scripts.. these will require a different set of scripts to keep the size to a minimum. Possibly some extensions to these scripts will be done if the users want them.

Please read the README.txt file first, then download the image, root.lrp package, or the scripts (source code): README.txt, root.lrp, Custom floppy image-linux, The Install Scripts These are all shell-script and are their own source code.


I have written a tiny script that allows someone with a Linux desktop to mount a secondary Linux OS (Slink, RH5.2) in a chroot'ed environment. The environment is very similar to UML, but you do not need to install any software except the secondary OS on your machine and this script. It should be run from a terminal or console (within X is fine). The script is based from the environment used by Linux From Scratch to compile an entire Linux OS from source. Compiling kernels and source both work and you can then use a X-file manager to copy the binary or kernel back to your Desktop. You can download it HERE! This shell-script is it's own source code.


I wrote a script to put a floppy-image file onto a disk (for the lazy-folks like myself) which will work with all the LEAF images of all sizes on a linux machine. Current version is 1.3. You can download it HERE! This shell-script is it's own source code.

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