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ISDN and DSL (ppp,pptp,pppoe) under Bering

Here you 'll find the description for the implementation of ISDN based on "eigerstein 2 Beta" image in german. This description is meant for newbies. For a good description of the ISDN in english look at the links below. Help you can find in the mail archives, by sending a mail to the mailinglist. Allthough a someparts of this description are still valid, I recommend to use the Bering distribution which is a further development. This page will be updated in short time

a short review of IP commands

cut-down roaring Penguin pppoe.lrp, not for use with the pppoe in kernelversion of Berign 36 Kb

NEW An experimental Webbased configuration Programm Be Carefull this is still in a alpha state. Most functions are tested on a 486/100 and a pentium 60. Due to possible difficulties with your setup it might not function.

Please only experiment on a spare computer with a backup configuration. This version still uses Get and sh-httpd

The only part of the package that is library ( and thus ) versiondependant is uncgi (compiled for Bering)

Set up webconfig

change the user of sh-httpd from sh-httpd to root and restart inetd.

This is an experimental package to try out the possibility to use a webconfiguration. Improvements could be su script. Post option for the webserver.

Feedback is welcome too leaf.developer list or my emailadress

what happens during startup with the linuxrc file what options can i use

NEW a shorewall configuration website be carefull is still alpha!!

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