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Rhomberg, Alex

Alex Rhomberg

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LEAF Construction Kit

Scripts helping with offline development of LEAF Firewalls. Simplifies maintenance and upgrading of multiple Firewalls. Each script contains documentation in pod format that can be read with perldoc. For more information and use cases, read the README or download the tarball.

Use FWBuilder with Bering

FWBuilder is a multi-platform firewall configuration and management tool. It consists of a GUI and set of policy compilers for various firewall platforms, including for iptables.

The tarball for Bering contains a README, the package fwbuild.lrp for installation on the Bering firewall and an install script to use with the FWBuilder GUI. This combination allows you to edit firewall rules in a GUI on a management station and upload and activate them on your Bering firewall with a mouseclick.

2.4.20 Kernel with Super FreeS/WAN ipsec and netfilter patches

Super FreeS/WAN is a freeswan distribution containing useful patches such as NAT traversal, algorithms, and X509 support. In order to use this, you need the 2.4.20 kernel, the matching kernel modules, and the new ipsec package. The kernel includes the Bering patches and some netfilter patches from patch-o-matic, combined with Super FreeS/WAN Version 1.99-kb4. Don't forget to add the "rw" flag when switching to a 2.4.20 kernel! There is also a description of the compilation process.

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