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Morgan, Greg

Greg Morgan

SourceForge User: dr_kludge

CVS Repository: dr_kludge



It is amazing how much the LEAF project has changed my life. I have learned many things. Though I have not contributed much to the project, I would not have contributed anything to the Open Source world without the LEAF influence.

Right now I am answering questions on the phpwebsite forums. I hope to come up to Mike Noyes caliber so that I can help him with the LEAF site.

I was looking through configuration code of Dachstein when I noticed bridging. This lead to the discovery of ebtables. I was able to indirectly contribute to the 2.5 kernel by editing the ebtables man page. Here is the ebtables manual page before my edits. Here is the ebtables manual page after my edits.

Last summer (2003) was harsh. I wound up moving during one of Arizona's hottest summers. Not to mention that my wife's dream house became one problem after the other. I wanted to play with something. I was able to finally bring up my LEAF protected network in the new/used house. Charles Steinkuehler mentioned Cygwin on the LEAF mailing lists several times. I had used it for some time. I said "let's forget all the problems of the house" and downloaded a fresh copy of Cygwin for amusement. I was reading the Cygwin site docs, when I came across mkcygwget. I tried it. Had some problems. I saw the bash script's potential. The summer melted away after 615 lines of interesting bash code where added to the script. LOL. You can actually plug in "mkcygwget" in a google search and press the "I'am Feeling Lucky" button to find my email post.

I have put a few mail scripts that I use with my LEAF firewalls in CVS. I have this desire to write a procmail script to read and filter the email logs from LEAF. I have a very busy family life so don't hold your breath on that one though.

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