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Steinkuehler, Charles

Charles Steinkuehler

SourceForge User: cstein

CVS Repository: cstein


Disk Images | Documentation | Kernels & Modules | Packages | Updates


Replace your slow, buggy, and crash prone SyGate, WinGate, or Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) system with fast, stable and FREE linux software!  

Look under disk images to find several pre-configured, easy to use LRP based floppy disk firewalls.  These images are designed to allow a typical home or small business network to share a single high speed net connection (such as cable-modem or DSL).  The LRP firewall also shields your internal network from internet 'nasties' and is very secure.  You do not need any prior linux experience to use these disk images, as step-by-step configuration instructions are provided.  Since LRP boots off a single floppy disk, you don't even need a hard drive!

You know from watching the news Microsoft and internet security don't belong together in the same of these floppies booting on an old 'doorstop' 486 machine will be faster and more reliable than a windows based software firewall running on your desktop Pentium 2 (try running windows off a floppy disk with 12 Megs of RAM :-).  Keep yourself safe and pick out a disk image right now.

It's the perfect way to try linux...if you don't like it, pop out the floppy and you have your old machine back, plus you'll be able to amaze your friends and tell them you installed linux!

You can also find several add-on packages to extend the functionality of your LRP box, some documentation I have written and collected, and I also have various versions of the LRP kernel and modules available, if you need to get a specific driver for your network interface or SCSI card.

Please see the support section if you have any questions or problems, and don't forget to check out for lots of LRP odds and ends.

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