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About LEAF "Bering"

What is the LEAF "Bering" distribution?

The LEAF "Bering" distribution is derived from Charles Steinkuehler's Dachstein (rc2). It differs from it on two key elements:

  • It is based on a 2.4.x linux kernel
  • It relies on Shorewall for extended firewalling facilities. Check all the Shorewall features here.

"Bering" is provided with an extensive on-line Installation guide and a user's guide with practical examples. There is also a developer's guide available.

The main objectives are:

  • To benefit from the netfilter/iptables facilities
  • To have access to the latest kernel device drivers & filesystems
  • To keep everything available on a single floppy for the largest possible user's base (including serial modem, cable modem or ADSL PPP/PPPOE users)
  • To keep the simplicity provided by Dachstein
  • To stick to a standard linux kernel as much as possible. This allows LEAF "Bering" usage and developement in a virtual environment
  • To stick as much as possible to the Debian distribution structure

This work was made possible after having proposed a solution to get rid of the original kernel LRP patches which do not pass the change introduced in initrd in the 2.4.10 kernel. The interested reader can refer to the leaf-devel mailing list archives.

Why Bering?

The name "Bering" was chosen from the Strait of the same name. A strait is a nice symbol for a firewall: a lot of traffic and strict navigation rules. Those interested by the story of the Bering Island can check here (Thanks to Matt Schalit for the reference).


Comment on this package can be sent to the authors:
Jacques Nilo <> or Eric Wolzak <>.

Acknowledgments and thanks

Thanks to everyone who help us on this work and especially the members of the leaf-devel and leaf-user mailing list. Many thanks also to Tom Eastep <> for his great shorewall package and his dedicated support.

"Bering" has benefited from many comments, help and suggestions from Lynn Avants, Chad Carr, Luis F. Correia, Allen Hillery, Christian Hostelet, Tom Eastep, Jeff Newmiller, Brock Nanson, Thor Nylander, Larry Platzek and Bob Pocius.

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